Al-Falah (Deeniyat) Project

"Al-Falaah "program was introduced successfully at twenty (20) schools about six years ago under the Al-Falaah denial teaching of Quran with Tajweed. After some initial period of hesitation and resistance from school managements and parents, it has achieved acceptability from a large number of other schools including government schools.

You will be surprised to know that even non Muslim school managements are welcoming "Al-Falaah" programmed project as it is bringing a positive change in the morals of the students. The students learn to read and memorize small parts of Quran that are essential to offer daily prayers and make common supplications. They learn to live hygienically, keep their environment sanitized and clean, be honest and hardworking, not to tell lies, not be cheat, not resort to unfair means; obey and respect parents, teachers and elders, be friendly with neighbors, be nice to fellow human beings; be kind to old and infirm, be merciful to poor and weak, love animals and plants, and do a good turn whenever possible.

AL-Falaah Teaching Methodology:

Our educational curriculum will include teaching Quran with the help of qualified teachers, noting that a vast majority of parents are not qualified to teach Quran at home. Al-Falaah program will adopt appropriate teaching method a well planned syllabus, regular tests and exams quiz competition will be conducted and their achievements will be rewarded regular inspection will also be conducted .

Challenges and our Obligations:

The whispers of the Devil are growing louder and stronger which need to be resisted. Through TV, internet and mobile phones he is invading our homes, offices and schools systematically destroying our institutions and society. In the interest of society, we therefore solicit your cooperation in reducing the evil influence on young minds susceptible to Devil.