Help Hyderabad Scholarships

Vocational Training Haj House: Help Hyderabad hired space in Haj House, Nampally and engaged competent trainers and running a number of Free Vocational & Professional courses to empower the community youth.

Scholarships: Supports to the students with more than 75% markas for Vocational Courses, 10th, Inter & Above.

Educational Assistance: Even though Govt of Telangana State has introduced Fees reimbursement scheme for professional courses and scholarships for higher education but yet there is a need to support a large number of poor students pursuing various courses not covered. We provide merit cum means educational scholarship to some deserving

Students (either orphans or children of the incapacitated). You may adopt a child for 1 to 3 years; the educational institution keeps the sponsor informed about the progress of the student. You could buy books, notebooks, uniforms or even donate old text books of your children and grand children to promote education.