AMPI - (Help Hyderabad Charitable Clinic I)

AMPI - Help Hyderabad Charitable Clinic established in the year 2009 at Farooq Nagar has become a Nodal Health Center for the poor of 6 to 7 slums around the Falaknuma area. The Area of Farooq Nagar and its surrondings slums house about 70000 people who are mostly daily wage earners and live below the poverty line. Illiteracy and malnutrition are rampant. Most children are not vaccinated. Water borne diseases due to unclean drinking water and open drains and sewers complete the vicious cycle.
AMPI - Help Hyderabad Clinic @ Farooq Nagar treats about 34000 WOmen & Children per annum. Doctors Consultations and Generic Medicines are provided free to these patients. Initially we were dispensing branded medicines totally free of cost but for the last two years we have switched over to generic medicines to cut costs.

Clinic Staff:- Staff in the clinic at present are:-
- 2 MBBS doctors attend the clinic on a shift system
- 2 qualified nurses
- 1 qualified Pharmacist
- 1 Receiptionist

Skin Specialist:-

Dr Abbas,VP Help Hyderabad & Senior dermatologist periodically checks the patients and besides treating them counsels on skin care.


Dr Javed Iqbal Diabetic Specialist & member of Help Hyderabad pays one visit to AMPI to treat the diabetic patients.The patients are informed well in advance about the special diabetic camp while the in-house diagnostic facility keeps the latest report on known cases ready.


Once a month dental checkup is organized where besides consulting & treating minor dental problems, counseling on oral hygiene is provided.

Clinic Maintenance:- Staff in the clinic at present are:-
- Procto Medical Software introduced for online update which has enabled us to keep a tab on prescriptions & medicines.

- CC Cameras have been installed to closely monitor functioning of the clinic.

- Medicines have been substantially reduced and counseling increased with effect from May 01, 2015.